Saturday, June 29, 2013

Burned by P.C. Cast (Book Review)

Title: Burned by P.C. Cast
Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin
Release Date: April 27th, 2010
Genres: Fantasy, Paranormal, Drama, Romance
Medium: Ebook, bought

Burned was yet another amazing sequel in the House of Night series. In my opinion, this has been the best one so far! Stevie Rae is struggling with her feelings towards the Raven Mocker, and Zoey's soul has been shattered, leaving her body alive on Earth for a short period of time, but her soul wandering in fragments in the Otherworld. Zoey's faithful warrior Stark goes on a quest to follow Zoey's soul to the Otherworld, gather the pieces, and bring her back whole. This whole plan becomes much more complicated when you add in Neferet's command that Zoey never return to her body, Kalona's mission to make sure she stays in the Otherworld, the Darkness threatening to keep her there, oh, and did I mention the fact that Stark must kill a part of himself to make it there alive and return, which no warrior and High Priestess has ever done? Yeah, I'd say he's gonna have a rough time. This novel has become one of my all time favorites, and I will give it 5 stars too. A lot of unexpected changes and romances appear in this novel, and it will keep you begging for more.

The writing and characters are still as amazing from the beginning. It's dramatic, sexy, action-packed, and full of hilarious moments and surprises. The plot is like a roller coaster, with dramatic, heart-pounding drops and nail-biting rising action. Lots of ups and downs. Definitely a series to keep you interested at all times. (6/26/13)

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