Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Author Talk with Tom Leveen

Author Interview!

Tom Leveen (Author of Party, Zero, and manicpixiedreamgirl)

When I asked what he was like in high school, Tom Leveen (author of Party and Zero​) responded:

"I'd say most of the similarities are hidden to me, because I tend to be highly conscious of how I've changed since high school. A lot of it, I miss. For example, I used to be much more fearless then, and a little bit of that can go a long way. But I also used to be a lot less empathetic. Partly that was age, but mostly it was just being selfish. Not proud of that. There's plenty of ways I wish I'd done things differently back then than I would do now.

I'd say my habits and hobbies are largely the same, though, yeah. Writing and doing theatre stuff stayed the same, of course. There are hobbies I would do if my friends and I had more time to do them."

When asked in what ways he was similar to the main character in his next book manicpixiedreamgirl, he says:

"As for Tyler, I'd say we're pretty similar, except that I think he's a better person than I was back then. For all his mistakes and shortcomings, I think he's genuinely a good person, and I really wonder sometimes if I ever was. (Some people tell me I was, but one way I'm still the same: I tend to only believe the negative press!)"

I read and reviewed the ARC of his new book manicpixiedreamgirl and my reaction was definitely not negative! Read it here!

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