Monday, June 16, 2014

Next Page Reviews on Hiatus

Next Page Reviews is now currently under hiatus for the remainder of the summer. With a full plate, I cannot continue to keep up with promos and blog tours. I am so busy right now, and I think it is best if Next Page Reviews takes a break for the rest of the summer. I have recently been cast as a leading role in an upcoming horror film, and between filming the movie and everything else I do, the blog isn't a top priority. I have concerts planned to see, traveling, trips, friends to see, movies, special events, modeling, competitions, and so much more. For instance, I designed a logo for my town's bicentennial celebration, and I have to make an appearance at that week long celebration and hand out my Tshirts with my logo. These things are keeping me busy. For the rest of the summer, I will be focussing on these things.

AUTHORS: I do know that I have accepted review offers from several of you. And for many of you, I have already received your novels in the mail. I promise to get those read over this summer. I will not be on a hiatus for you guys! ***If I already have your novel, then I will be trying my hardest to read them over the summer and get them reviewed soon.***

Otherwise, I love you guys and I will be back soon!!!

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