Monday, December 15, 2014

Review: Breaking Rules by Christopher Reardon

Title: Breaking Rules by Christopher Reardon
Publisher: Self
Release Date: September 29th, 2014
Genres: Fantasy, Drama, Action
Medium: Paperback, Received for Review

Breaking Rules is a wonderful novel full of fantasy, drama, and action. Engaging and unique, Reardon weaves a tale both exciting and interesting for men and women of all ages. It is a cute little short story that can be read over and over. 

The plot is quite the one of a kind story. It's a cute little story about magic and witches. At times, the plot did seem to be a little lacking. There was very little back story to the characters and it makes you feel as if you are thrown into the middle of the story. It needs a bit more added to the plot to justify the actions in the story. However, the plot had many twists and turns I didn't see coming, which pleasantly surprised me. It was fast paced and fresh, and quite the enjoyable story.

The writing was quite nice. Reardon wrote it to be fast paced and unique. However, it does need some work. The dialogue seems stiff and fake and the writing in general could use some elaboration to be more descriptive and deeper. Because of this lacking, I couldn't exactly connect to the novel.

Overall, Breaking Rules is a neat little story that I think young kids might most enjoy. It had a nicely thought out plot and pretty good writing. With some work, though, it could be fantastic. 

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