Saturday, May 25, 2013

Romeo & Juliet by William Shakespeare (Play Review)

Title: Romeo & Juliet by William Shakespeare
Publisher: NA**
Release Date: Originally published in 1597**
Genres: Drama, Romance, Classic, Play
Medium: Paperback, bought

**The retelling I read from was from the Folger Shakespeare Library series (Simon & Schuster) and was a January 1, 2004 edition.

A novel/play of unrequited love that will never die. I call it a novel/play because we review books here at NPR, but I do of course make special exceptions from time to time. This is one. Romeo and Juliet is a fantastic play full of betrayal, heartbreak, forbidden love, and so much more. The play is short, but spread out with backstory to make it seem longer. It didn't feel long enough. It's a timeless read. Most will be assigned to read this in either high school or college, but I think you should read it at least one time yourself before a required reading. I also recommend you get a comprehensive edition that explains terms and words you make be unfamiliar with. I got mine from the Folger Shakespeare collection, and it made it so much easier to understand. Anyway, I recommend anyone to read it, male or female. This book is simply too iconic and too spellbinding to pass up. Broaden your horizons and read a play, preferably, this one. (Read 5/19/13)

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