Sunday, April 19, 2015

Review: Project Utopia by Pam Mosbrucker

Review: Project Utopia by Pam Mosbrucker
Publisher: Self
Release Date: February 9th, 2013
Genres: Apocalyptic, Drama, Action
Medium: Signed Paperback, Won

Project Utopia was an interested dystopian novel with a great plot, but wasn't executed the best. I loved the plot, but I feel as if the short length of the novel held the plot back. It was as if the author was writing the story in as few words as possible, making it a short and slightly confusing read. It was just too condensed.

The plot would have been great if there had been more writing. I love dystopian novels and I feel as if this one had real potential.  It needs to be lengthened and the plot could use some variation. Otherwise, it's a terrific story line.

The writing was okay. Again, it was too short, too fast paced. And I felt as if the unnecessary things in the plot were the most described, instead of the other way around. The subjects we needed to hear more about were the ones most briefly mentioned. I liked her style, just not her execution. 

Overall, I liked the idea of the story, but I just wish I could have loved the entire novel.

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