Thursday, February 13, 2014

Review: The Sorcery Code by Dima Zales

Title: The Sorcery Code by Dima Zales
Publisher: Mozaika Publications
Release Date: February 6, 2014
Genres: Fantasy, Romance, Drama
Medium: Ebook, Received For Review by Author (Thanks Dima!)

The Sorcery Code is a fantastic unique novel with original fantasy practically oozing from its pages. This novel screams and demands to be read by fans of fantasy, and because of its tremendous originality, I cannot come up with many novels to compare it to. Fans of The Lord of The Rings will surely enjoy, but those who are new to the genre will immensely enjoy this novel as well. 

Once a respected member of the Sorcerer Council and now an outcast, Blaise has spent the last year of his life working on a special magical object. The outcome of his quest is unlike anything he could've ever imagined - because, instead of an object, he creates Her.

She is Gala, and she is anything but inanimate. Born in the Spell Realm, she is beautiful and highly intelligent - and nobody knows what she's capable of. She will do anything to experience the world . . . even leave the man she is beginning to fall for.

Augusta, a powerful sorceress and Blaise's former fiancée, sees Blaise's deed as the ultimate hubris and Gala as an abomination that must be destroyed. In her quest to save the human race, Augusta will forge new alliances, becoming tangled in a web of intrigue that stretches further than any of them suspect.

Wow. Where do I start? This novel grabs your attention from the very first page and instantly envelopes you in a story unlike no other. With an enchanting plot and the interesting tag line of science-themed magic, this story will change your mind about the fantasy genre. The plot is fast paced and riveting, full of drama, romance, and tons of action. The changing POV fuels the story perfectly. With well developed characters and emotional ties and relationships, this story is dramatic and enticing, and quite realistic in some ways.

The writing was very nice. Every page was descriptive and interesting, and there was never a dull moment. The characters were formed perfectly and the plot flowed very nicely. For once, I have found a fantasy novel that was not cliched and boring, but instead, extravagant and creative. I can see that Dima Zales has been a breakout author and a great one at that. I am looking forward to reading his other works.

Overall, The Sorcery Code was a very nicely written quick fantasy novel that will surely keep you flipping pages all day. With interesting characters, an original flowing plot, and creative writing, this novel is the first of its kind and perfect for any one looking for a delicious new read. I definitely recommend it!

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