Friday, November 20, 2015

Review: Cold Mountain by Charles Frazier

Title: Cold Mountain by Charles Frazier
Publisher: Grove Press
Release Date: August 31st, 2006
Genres: Romance, Drama, Historical
Medium: Paperback/audio book, bought

Cold Mountain is a literary masterpiece that truly deserves greater recognition. I have to admit, I actually watched the movie before reading the book, which is not something I usually do. But, after reading the wonderful novel, I will definitely have to rewatch the movie now.

The plot was amazing. There are so many unexpected twists, it's definitely hard to put down. The highly diverse characters make it so interesting and addicting. They're personalities and dialogue are so original, and you fall in love with their characters from the very beginning. And the romance between Inman and Ada... *swoon*

The writing was phenomenal. It was descriptive and imaginatioimaginative, and always painted a perfect picture in your mind. There was a lot of drama and even some humor, which made for an interesting balance. It amazed me how perfectly true to history this novel was. It was like stepping into a time machine.

Overall, though the novel is quite wordy and a bit slow at times in the beginning, it's definitely worth the read and I highly recommend it.

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