Sunday, November 8, 2015

Review: A Second Chance by Angela Biera

Title: A Second Chance by Angela Biera
Publisher: Self
Release Date: September 30th, 2015
Genres: Drama, Romance
Medium: EBook

Angela Biera never disappoints and this is stunningly true with her new novel A Second Chance. Every time I read one of her novels, I think, "wow. This is amazing. Nothing will ever top this." Then her next novel comes out and I'm blown away again, as it becomes my new favorite novel. Her stories are fresh and exciting, packed with tear-jerking drama, heart-pounding action and steamy romance. Her writing is polished and crisp, descriptive, and some of the best out there. I can honestly say her work deserves so much more attention.

These characters are some of my favorites I have ever experienced. Their point of views are so interesting and unique, and very complex and deep. Their personalities are one-of-a-kind and definitely correlate with people you would want to meet in real life. And the relationships they forge within their stories... Completely addicting. Whether it's friendships or romances, they're perfectly imperfect and believeable, making them very hard to stop reading.

Overall, this novel is unbelievable. The plot is a pleasant rollercoaster of emotions, the writing is spot-on, and the characters and their story is impossible to put down. I can honestly recommend this novel to everyone in the hopes that Angela Biera gets the attention she deserves!

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