Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Review: Under The Watson's Porch by Susan Shreve


Title: Under The Watson's Porch by Susan Shreve
Publisher: Yearling
Release Date: April 11, 2006
Genres: Middle Grade, Romance, Contemporary, Drama

Medium: Paperback, Won (For setting the Most-Books-Read-Record at school long ago)

Under the Watson's Porch was a fun, innocent, middle grade read. It was short, poignant, sweet, and a nice break from all the serious young adult I've been reading lately (I read Before I Die and The Fault In Our Stars. These books were both very serious and were very much tear-jerkers.) It was nice to get away from all the seriousness. This novel is the simple story of a girl and her new friend, whom her parents don't like. He's known around the town as a bad kid, although the girl sees another side of him, his good side. Together, they create a sort of weekly daycare for the neighborhood children, hidden under the Watson's porch. This plot makes for a look into the wonderful mind that is a child's. It's comedic, interesting, and sweet. Very enriching. Perfect for fans of Bridge To Terabithia and C.S. Lewis's Chronicles of Narnia style writing.

The writing was simple, yet kept the novel interesting and had it flowing at a great pace. Within the novel, you found yourself falling for the characters and caring for them, becoming angry when someone treats them different, especially when they treat the boy differently for being a "trouble-making foster-child." He writing is universal and ageless, a nice read for any age, anywhere. Perfect for fans of classic children's lit. It's also not too cutesy-cutesy as I expected it to be. It's richly written and (may I put it, ages like find wine?) Even though I am not in the age range the writer intended it's audience to be, I still enjoyed it. It was beautiful, refreshing, and timeless, also great for reading to siblings and all younger relatives and acquaintances.

This novel is original, cute, and refreshing. Perfect for younger children. Three stars.

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