Sunday, December 29, 2013

Happy Holidays! (Update)

Happy holidays everyone! I know this comes as a late post, but I just wanted to tell everyone I hope you had a great Christmas and I wish you an even happier New Year! May the year 2014 bring us all great adventure and excitement :)

Well, for Christmas, I didn't receive any books sadly :( I know, I know, hard to contemplate, isn't it? My family claims they don't know what books to get me, and are afraid that I would already have them anyway (my library is happily full.) 

So instead, I got a 42' LED Smart TV, and Xbox and some games (I'm always late on the bandwagon,) a limited edition candy apple red Randy Jackson electric guitar and amp, a Daryl Dixon/Walking Dead plush throw, and those are just the big items. It was an amazing Christmas, let's just say that.

Buuuuutt, I've also gotten 20 books in the mail over the course of the month. So, maybe that counts as my Christmas books. ;) So expect a huge Stacking The Shelves post at the end of the month. 

Also be expecting a review of Tumble & Fall by Alexandra Coutts and Dualed by Elsie Chapman within the next few days. And maybe a review of Tandem by Anna Jarzab too, if I can hurry and finish it. I got a lot of reading done while I was in the hospital with my mom, but it still put a hurt on my blog. So sorry there hasn't been many posts this week! 

But expect two reviews and an STS post within the week, maybe a few surprises too ;)

Let's all end 2013 with a bang!

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